N/A (HI), 2013


As our first mobile-focused project at Hyper Island working in a team of four, we got the task of changing the world using mobile. After an intense time of brainstorming, we came to that we wanted to help people in some way.

In order to achieve this, we worked out a concept made to run on the device many of us carry with us everywhere, every day – the mobile phone. The concept is a service by the name of Memorandom (a wordplay on memorandum – a note recording something for future use).

Memorandom helps people like you and me get answers to everyday questions, as well as help with tasks, such as finding a caretaker for your pets while out of town. In order to get a good level on the content, questions get sent to people who have have stated they have knowledge in the subject, and as the asker of a question, you get to determine which answer you find to be the correct one.


To better cater for all the various people who would be potential users, we had to figure out a way to go local on a global level.

The way we solved this was by tailoring the experience to only show questions posted in limited geographical radii around the users and only in languages they know – which also would help in nailing the relevancy of content.


Our goal was to create a platform to help people and through this contribute to fostering a culture of sharing and helpfulness.

Whether we would achieve that out in the wild is another story, but we think the odds would be in our favour – after all, Memorandom is all about connecting the wondering with the wise.

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