N/A (HI), 2014


During our mobile hardware and business projects, my group had two things in mind: playing around with Bluetooth 4.0 (with a focus on Apple’s iBeacon technology), and using our insights from that to improve something. We ended up creating a new-technology-focused consultancy operating under the name Beaconville.

Along the way we realized that paying for public transport was one of the main pain points in our daily lives. Hoping to give the experience a make-over, we set out to change the way we pay to make smarter use of your smartphone.

Faced with this new field we had little inside knowledge in, we went to our local experts at All Binary for guidance.


As it turned out however, in our timeframe and with our resources going after payment methods was a little too far fetched. So instead, we opted to streamline the experience at public transport stops.

Combining a mobile app, public transport stops equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 beacons, and a backend infrastructure system we built a solution to give users quicker access to relevant data at the stop. No more failed GPS lookups placing you two blocks away from the actual stop, or typing in astonishingly long stop names on a mobile keyboard while freezing your fingers off.

Since we already had a backend infrastructure in place, we also built a simple passenger behaviour tracking system. This would allow transport operators to track their network in close to real-time, and thereby improve service by gaining access to valuable data such as bottlenecks, peak usage periods, and passenger distribution to mention a few metrics.


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