Who am I? Where from? Where to?

Born in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden, and raised at the heart of European teamwork in Luxembourg, I take on the world with an ever-curious mindset, always aiming to do good.

My LinkedIn title is “Media Wizard”. While terrible for exposure in search results, it allows me an unparalelled creative freedom – flowing from medium to medium, picking up skills as I go. Beginning in the digital domain, with graphic design plus a bit of front- and back-end programming, I’ve ended up studying at Hyper Island’s Mobile Design and Development program. After honing my skills and picking up a few new ones, particularly in native iOS development, I’m looking for new adventures.

To relax, I find nothing is better than a good book or a movie. When I’m out exploring, I try to grab a camera along as often as possible. I’m also an avid diver, although my scuba gear has been resting for a (too) long while, giving time for freediving and ultimately allowing me to become a nationally certified instructor, to help allow the next generation to explore the oceans safely.

I pursue a lifelong quest in perfecting my skills in the tasty art of frying french fries.